Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is your "wordpress" clean-up policy?

We will thoroughly clean your wordpress malware infected website. If there are any re-infections within 30 days, our team will clean up your "WP" website for free and make recommendations to further secure your website. A re-infection does not constitute a case for a refund or cancellation.

2. Will you clean my website if my website is already infected?

Yes, we will detect all infections using multiple antivirus and malware checking applications. Our expert staff will also manually inspect all websites. We will efficiently fix hacked wordpress website if it is currently infected.

3. What do you need to clean "WP"?

In order to begin the wordpress cleanup process, we need access to your server and its associated files. We get this access in the form of FTP, sFTP, or SSH access to your server. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, SFTP for Secure File Transfer Protocol, and SSH for Secure Shell. These are connection protocol mechanisms that allow us to log into servers to edit/add/remove files. These connection protocols permit us to log into your websites, specifically the server, and to perform the remediation process. If you are unfamiliar with these protocols, our team of analysts are prepared to assist you in the process. To do so, you'll need to be willing to share access information to your hosting account.

4. Do you back up the site before cleaning?

We back up every file that we touch. We will back up the entire site. This includes all of the files and your entire database.

5. Will the cleanup break my website?

No. Clean up will not break up the website. A virus will sometimes inject code in various places. It works very hard not to get detected. We do our best to detect every place that a virus has injected the code. During our website clean-up process, we avoid breaking websites. However, there are rare occasions when it does happen. This could be due to the clean-up. However, it is often because of the manner in which the malware has been embedded within the core of the website. In this case, we will need to reconstruct your website. Reconstruction will result in added costs. You will have the choice between a refund or paying for the difference of the reconstruction cost.

6. Why should I use your backup service?

Our wordpress website backup solution is designed so that your website and its data can be recovered quickly and completely. You can be assured that your backups will be safe with us. We store your backups in the cloud and use best practices for keeping them secure. Some backup services offered through hosts and CMS extensions could be compromised in an attack. However, our backup service is managed externally and fortified with the same security principles that we apply to all of our infrastructure.

7. How do you back up my website?

We use your current FTP/SFTP credentials (server, username, and password) to connect to your website. Our wordpress backups are done using a daily snapshot that fully matches your live site. The database and website files are backed up separately. We do not trim backups. All of your website backups are available starting on Day One.

8. What do you back up?

We back up your website files and database in separate files, as long as there is an accessible config file for your database. There are some file types that we exclude from the website files that we back up.

9. How do I restore a backup?

We provide full service. You can quickly email us to create a ticket. One of our developers will quickly restore your WP backup. If you would like to download the backup, let us know and we will make your files available for download.

10. How long do you store my backups?

We store all backups forever in your account.